If you are not running a Facebook marketing campaign, you are seriously missing out. Facebook has over two billion monthly users. These users generate billions of page views month after month.

It is no surprise that Facebook’s sad revenue continues to grow. More and more businesses, and we’re talking anywhere from local, mom-and-pop operations to huge multinational conglomerates are quickly waking up to the tremendous marketing opportunities Facebook brings to the table.

If you have been hiding under a rock or you are still thinking that Facebook marketing won’t really benefit your business, you might want to think again. Here are ten reasons you’re missing out if you’re not marketing on Facebook.


The moment you log into your Facebook account, Facebook is essentially profiling you. It’s tracking every piece of content you engage with. This creates a user profile that Facebook then employs to target their ads better.

When you run a paid marketing campaign on Facebook, you take advantage of this powerful ad-targeting and user-profiling infrastructure. On top of that, even if you don’t want to spend one red cent on advertising, you can still benefit from this amazing user-profiling technology through Facebook page audience insights.



One of the biggest problems online businesses encounter is when a user goes through many pages and is about to buy but bales up. For whatever reason, the person has filled up a shopping cart or has gone to a sign-up page and changes his or her mind at the last minute.

Facebook has an amazing technology called Ad Retargeting that can help you remind that person to come back to where they were. In fact, this technology is so robust that you can remind people to go back to their shopping cart or, if they are reading a piece of content, go to the next piece of content that they may have overlooked.

Maybe they were reading a piece of content that people about to convert would normally read, then you would show them an ad that goes to your conversion page. Whatever the case may be ad retargeting drives people back to your website, and this can help you close the deal and improve your ROI.



If you’re not on Facebook currently, please understand that for every day you postpone your start, your competitors are learning how to target your audience members. They’re learning how to market their stuff better. In other words, this is an opportunity cost and the potential loss for your business gets bigger and bigger every passing day. You’re just making it all that much harder for your business to catch up.



Did you know that if you have a small business and you already have local customers that come back again and again, they may be all you need to succeed with local marketing on Facebook. That’s right.

How? Well, when you market to your existing local customer base, that you have a Facebook page and you engage with them on Facebook, your content might lead to their local friends and friends of friends. In other words, your brand becomes more visible in your local area of coverage because it’s spread by people you already do business with.

The best part to all of this is that this is absolutely free. You just need to engage with your existing customer base on Facebook. Maybe you can run a special discount promo campaign or a discount code that they can find on Facebook and redeem offline.

Whatever the case may be by creating a tight link between your brick-and-mortar engagement with your customer base and your Facebook presence, you can spread the influence of your brand on Facebook, which can translate to new flesh-and-blood customers physically showing up at your business’ doors.



Let’s get one thing clear. To sell anything online, you must first get people to trust you. For people to trust you, they must first like you. For them to like you, they must first feel that they know enough about the problem. Do you see how this works?

The best way to walk people through this conversion process is through content. When you market on Facebook, you can actually try out different content ideas. The good news is not all of them have to be hits. In fact, most of them can be failures, and that’s perfectly okay.

Facebook is so robust that you get many bites at the apple when it comes to content ideas. You can publish many times over using an extended timeline.

Also, this is fairly straightforward because you can feed your content into Facebook ahead of time by scheduling stuff in advance.

Unfortunately, you miss out on this if you don’t choose to market on Facebook today. Don’t think that you have to come up with the absolute perfect content the first time around. There’s no need to do that.

In fact, as you market on Facebook, the more it becomes readily apparent which pieces of content resonate the best with your audience and which ones fall flat. What’s important is that you start publishing today.



Believe it or not there are lots of people who have developed a Facebook habit. Whether you call this a sophisticated and digital form of gossiping or not, the fact remains that there’s a significant percentage of the American population that can’t get enough of Facebook.

Sure, you probably have heard of news reports asserting demographic groups falling out of love with Facebook. However, by and large, people can’t help but use Facebook again and again.

When you put your brand on this platform, you get to engage with your customers on a platform they interact with on a regular basis. This can lead to very important information that contain fine-tune your marketing campaign so it achieves better results.

It can also help you get you very important information on how to improve the services or merchandise that you’re offering to your customers.



Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to recycle the amount of money you spent on content generation? For example, you spend money on a writer and then you benefit more from the money you spent on the writer when the text gets turned into a video or a slide show or a picture. This happens quite a bit.

This is a great way of extending the marketing budget that you’re spending on social media marketing. You can definitely do this on Facebook. Instead of just re publishing the same set of articles week after week or month after month, you can plug in videos, graphics, slide shows and other forms of derivative content based on your text content.



Even if your competitors have long been on Facebook, don’t worry. Don’t let this dampen your enthusiasm for this amazing social media marketing platform. Don’t think for a second that since your competitors, whether they’re local, citywide, regional or national, have beat you to the punch that all hope is lost for you. No. Not by a long shot. In fact, it’s the precise opposite.

Think about this for a second. If your competitors rush to Facebook the moment Facebook became publicly available, they would encounter a lot of problems.

They wouldn’t know how to market. They would have to figure out how to create a solid brand. They have to formulate a winning content strategy. In other words, they are going to have to do some serious heavy lifting.

Now, when you come along several years later, a lot of the dust has settled. A lot of the initial problems that had to be resolved or issues that had to be fixed were taken care of. All you need to do is pay attention to the solutions put together by your competitors and improve on them.

That’s right. Facebook delivers a tremendous opportunity for your brand, as new as it is, to reverse engineer your competitors. Put simply, you build on what they’re doing right and you try to fix the problems that they have left unresolved. You’re not starting from scratch.

Instead, when you reverse engineer your competitors, you have a tremendous head start. You’re not in the same position they were when they were starting out. You’re not taking shots in the dark. You’re not making wild guesses.

Instead, you already have a fairly clear idea of what works and what doesn’t work. That is a tremendous competitive advantage, which you only need to build on. You focus on their solutions, use them and then gain a competitive advantage by fixing areas for improvement.



Did you know that by simply paying attention to the most popular content on Facebook, you can get a serious advantage? Seriously. No joke. Real story.

When you look at your Facebook statistics, and you notice that a certain type of content crops up again and again in terms of engagement, that’s pretty much all the information you need to take your Facebook marketing success to the next level. This means you identify stuff that works and ditch stuff that doesn’t work. Pretty straightforward. This is not rocket science.

The good news is if you decide to market on Facebook today, you start getting that kind of information. You start getting the consumer intelligence you need to eventually achieve greater and greater levels of success as far as your content marketing and audience targeting are concerned.

Please understand that every day you wait to publish on Facebook, you lose another day learning this important information. You basically are kicking the can down the road until you eventually are forced to catch up.

Why not start today in a fairly low-level way? You don’t have to be a hero. You don’t have to come out of the gate with both guns blazing. There’s no need to do that. You can just start posting content from time to time.

The good news is as long as you promote on Facebook properly, you would get consumer intelligence that you need that will pave the way not only for greater success on Facebook but also offline.



As I mentioned above, Facebook has a very powerful and robust user-profiling and ad-targeting system. Working hand-in-hand with the audience insight or the consumer intelligence you get from the content you publish on this platform, you would have a pretty much all you need to target your consumers better.

This means that you will be able to find people with roughly the same set of interests as the people who already respond well to your content. This also ensures that you’re able to engage better with people who already like your content.

You can use all this consumer information to launch more powerful and effective paid ad campaigns.

Regardless of how you cut it, Facebook marketing is a very powerful platform that would enable you to build a solid brand sooner rather than later. However, just like any other powerful ad platforms, it takes some time, effort and attention to detail to master.

There is no better time than now to get started on this amazing platform. You don’t have to start out big. You don’t have to start out with a bang. You just have to start right here right now and soon enough you will see how these ten benefits can help take your business, regardless of its size, to the next level.



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