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During this episode we are going to talk about AI and Content Marketing with Tina Nord.

How can AI improve Content Marketing?What is the next big thing in AI and Content Marketing?What is the biggest misconception about doing AI and Content Marketing? In this episode you are going to find more answers for those questions and many, many others.

The guest: Tina is a marketing expert from Berlin. Since late 2016, she has been increasingly involved in artificial intelligence (AI) and initiated a research project around the visual search. In addition, she coordinated the marketing measures for the launch of the first voice-controlled Google Action in Germany. In May 2018 she completed an advanced training course on “AI: Implications for Business Strategy” at MIT Sloan & MIT CSAIL. At the same time, she acquired basic knowledge of data science and the programming language Python at the Code University in Berlin. Since August 2018, she has worked as Head of Growth at the technology company EyeEm, which connects brands and creative people through computer vision. Tina is a member of the European AI Alliance and since January 2019 Ambassador of the international network Women in AI (WAI) in Berlin.

The host: Ewelina Woloszyn has studied Sociology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. She is a Chief Executive Officer at Lonsley – an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software house, with the main focus on Natural Language Processing. She has created Tech Leaders – a mentoring programme for women in IT – a nationwide platform for the exchange of knowledge – aimed to support people who want to start their own businesses/startups and those who want to develop their careers as a successful employee. She is a co-founder of Rocket Science Today.

Why did we decide to make Rocket Science Today?

We believe that machine learning and artificial intelligence will revolutionize every single aspect of our lives. It will lead to breathtaking inventions, and even Nobel Prizes. That motivated us to create Rocket Science Today.

Rocket Science Today — in a friendly way. An outstanding space, where you can find all the shining bright minds and exciting ideas that push the human race forward. Meet the new Einsteins, geniuses and experts who share their knowledge in a very practical and simple way. Here you can find dream-driven people and discover what you already know, that you are one of them. Unleash the power of creativity and potential within you, explore the beauty of machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural nets and so on.

Our goal is to reach at least 1 billion people in the world and inspire them to learn more and express themselves through machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Hear the call of adventure and dive into ML and AI with us!

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