I grew up in a small farming community however, I did not live on a farm. Many of my classmates were farmers so I learned a great deal about running tractors and other farm equipment including semi trucks. I did drive a truck for a while moving feed and grain.

Then, I started going to a community college to learn some new skills. After two and a half years at the community college, I started going to Iowa State University. While there, I studied finance, investments, and real estate.

I started working in the office for a small trucking company doing administrative work, dispatching, and brokering freight.

At the same time, I was working on computers. I bought my first one in 1993. The first thing I did was to take it apart to see how it worked. I went to the local computer store and started buying upgrades: Sound cards, speakers, more memory, bigger hard drives. I taught myself how to install everything including software installation. Next thing I knew, everyone was coming to me for help with their computers.

When I started doing research online, that’s when I found out about making money online. Like many others, I began doing every training course available. I got some really bad advice and ended up getting banned from Google.

Then, I hired a Kindle Publishing coach. I learned a lot but the coaching program was very unprofessional, the videos were done on the fly, and the coach’s ebook actually flopped after doing an Amazon Kindle ebook launch.

That’s when I started experimenting on my own. Today, I have over a dozen books on Kindle and I have several more waiting for covers and editing.

I’ve purchased several products over the years from John Thornhill and they were all really good. So, I joined his Partnership to Success program and I’m glad I did. There is no finer, detailed internet marketing training available.

So, today I’m doing what I love: building websites, building products, and building relationships.  And, learning is an ongoing process.