January was a very busy month for marketers, with CES, Trump newsjacking – and a couple more amazing stunts in their own right – that kick-off the year…

BMW’s World Record Breaking Drift – http://bit.ly/2EgrPQU

L’Oreal’s UV Sense – http://bit.ly/2EeQoxz

Netflix’s Psychasec – http://bit.ly/2EhUl4q

Pizza Hut & Toyota’s Autonomous Delivery Vehicle – http://bit.ly/2EhRCIr

Airbnb’s “Expletive-filled Interest” – http://bit.ly/2Ei5KBD

Namibi’s “Shithole Statement” – http://bit.ly/2EhS9dp

Adidas Boost Sneakers – http://bit.ly/2Eb1x2z

Hello and welcome to Content Marketing Examples for January 2018.

First is a spectacular stunt from BMW, who recorded the world’s longest drift – that’s 8 hours solid! – and had to refuel the car five time in the process…Amazing.

Next, in the first of three examples from CES, is L’Oreal’s tiny wearable UV sensor that tracks sun exposure, so you can enjoy the sunshine safely.

Then there’s Netflix who set-up a Psychasec stand, claiming to have a solution to immortality – with the ability to transfer your memories from one body to another. But it was all a publicity stunt for their new series Altered Carbon – and it certainly got people’s attention.

Aaand then Pizza hut announced an autonomous delivery vehicle in partnership with Toyota.

And, remember Trump’s “shithole countries” comments? Well AirBnB had the perfect response, showing some of those under the spotlight in all their wonder.
Then Namibia – or as Trump refers to them as… – went even further by getting a Trump-style narrator to tell people all about their country…which well worth a watch.

Finally, the public transport system in Berlin teamed up with Adidas, so their new trainers were also year long travel passes. They wanted to make public transport “cool” and this was a great way of achieving that.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed the round-up. And if you did, hit subscribe so you can catch us next month…

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