Content Marketing Masterclass: Optimisation Framework from Context to Content to Conversion

by Oli Gardner (Co-founder, Unbounce)

Over the years, Unbounce has launched over a million pages, gathering an incomprehensible amount of quantitative and qualitative data. Oli, co-founder of Unbounce, is going to take you on a journey that explores a new visual communication method for optimising your content marketing through a product awareness lens. Traditional content marketing focuses on educational value at the expense of product value, which is a broken and outdated way of thinking. We all want to sell more products but we’re afraid of being seen as salesy.

Join Oli as he dissects the data and lessons from his biggest ever content marketing experiment, and how those lessons have changed his approach. Once finished, you’ll have an actionable framework for how to use visual, personalised content to increase the clarity and comprehension of your product value propositions.

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