If you’re in business to make money, then you want your blog to be professional looking and be free of grammar and spelling errors. One way to do that is to use a program like Grammarly or ProWritingAid.

I use both of the following writing tools:

Grammarly Details

Grammarly integrates with Microsoft Office, Windows, Google Chrome and more. It seamlessly follows every keystroke and lets you know when it sees a misspelled word or a grammar problem.

Grammarly has three purchase options: 1) Free 2) Premium starting at $11.66/month and 3) Business at $15/month

Once you use the Free version, you’ll be hooked. Go to Grammarly.com

ProWritingAid Details

ProWritingAid provides more features than any other manuscript editing software on the market according to information ontheir website. You can sign up for free. They offer a premium subscription of $30/year.

Both programs check for plagiarism. Each is unique in the way they check your documents.  I use both. It seems that Grammarly is easier to use but ProWritingAid checks more thoroughly. ProWritingAid is less expensive too. Check out ProWritingAid here.

Gary Frazier
Partnership to Success


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