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Whenever I hovered over the links in my widget sidebar, they did not change color, so it made it difficult to tell if links were active. You could hover over the links and look in the bottom left of your display to see if the links popped up there.

My preference is to have the links change color so you know immediately if they are working. I did some research and here’s what I found:

This is a very easy process but first, let me warn you about making changes to your CSS script. You are changing a custom CSS script so you could mess this up if you don’t copy the code exactly right. The good news is that there is a RESET SECTION button at the bottom of the screen right next to the SAVE button.

Step 1) Go to Appearance => Theme Options

Step 2) On the menu bar on the left, go down to “Custom Scripts”

Step 3) On the right there should be two boxes. If you see a ( + ), click on it and you will see a Location drop-down box. From the location box drop-down menu, choose “CSS”.

Step 3) You’ll have to use a color picker to get the Hex code of the color you want to use for your hover links.
The code will be like this:  #8224e3.

Step 4) Copy the following code onto your text program like notepad. Change the color Hex code in the script with the color code you want to use. Be careful not to change any other part of the code.

Step 5) Once you have your color code in the CSS script, copy it and paste it into the Script Box and hit “Save Changes”. Then go test your links.

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Gary D. Frazier

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