Hesk Helpdesk Installation

If you watch the “Big Boys”, you’ll notice that they are getting away from doing support via email.  A Helpdesk makes support requests much easier, and you will be better organized.

The Hesk helpdesk  come in three options:

  1. A Free version that you install yourself
  2. A Free version and Hesk tech support will install it for you for a small fee.
    (Was $19.95, up to 3 business days)   ($29.95, within 1 business day) at the time of this writing.

  3. A Cloud-based version. (This is the easiest and fastest way to go) $19.95/month

Note: I am not an affiliate for Hesk simply because they don’t have an affiliate program at this time!

The installation is not overly difficult. It just takes a bit of time if you’ve never done this before. It’s worth it if you want a Free product that works wonderfully.

Getting Ready for the Hesk
Software Install

There are two parts to the setup.  First, you have to set up a SQL database, Then you’ll need to download the Hesk install files and upload them to your hosting account.

The first thing that you need to do is to log on to your Cpanel (http://yourdomain.com/cpanel Once your in Cpanel, look for the Database section and click on MySQL Database Wizard. 

Step one, enter a name for your database. I used hesk.

IMPORTANT: Write down all of the information that you enter for setting up the database. You will need to enter it into the Helpdesk software once you get it installed.

Installation Part 1

Click on Next Step. Enter the username you want and enter a password twice. Again, make note of everything you enter here. Then click on Create User.


Check the box that shows: All Privileges. Directly above there, copy the user and database information just as you see it. Paste it into a text document like Notepad.


Click on Next. You have just set up a new SQL database. You can close out of Cpanel.

Hesk Helpdesk Installation Part 2

Here are the steps:

Get the Install manual here: Hesk Software Installation Manual 

  • Download the Hesk software files here: Download the Hesk Software
  • From Cpanel, create a folder in the root of your domain folder: home/YourdDomainName/public_html/ It should look like this:
    home/YourdDomainName/public_html/helpdesk OR instead of helpdesk, you could name the folder support.
  • Upload the Zip files into the helpdesk folder on your website either through Cpanel/file manager or you can do it using Filezilla. Filezilla is Free and is a handy tool.
  • Unzip the hesk file and delete the zip file.
  • Open up a browser and type in: http://www.YourDomainName.com/helpdesk/install Click install. A script will run and connect to the SQL database that you just set up. 
  • Then just follow the 4 steps on the screen. This is where you will need the database information that you copied onto notepad or your text editor.

If you follow the Installation manual, everything should go fairly smoothly.

Hope this helps.

Gary Frazier
Partnership to Success Member

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