September 6


Internet Marketing. Online Business Startup For Beginners

By Gary Frazier

September 6, 2020

Have you been thinking about starting an Internet marketing online business? According to the statistics, a whopping 90 percent of all who start an Internet business fail within the first four months! Here are some of the challenges that cause those failures:

  1. Lack of knowledge
  2. Failure to plan
  3. Spending too much on things that are not needed in the beginning
  4. Not getting a coach

Even with those odds, don’t stop pursuing your dreams. With the right knowledge and training, you can be in the 10% club!

Here are some advantages of Internet Marketing:

  1. Low barrier to entry
  2. Low start-up cost
  3. Work at your own pace
  4. Meet new people in the business

Here’s my advice:


Before getting started, you will have to do some research. Research is a critical part of running this business. Don’t ever skip doing research. When you start guessing, you start losing. One of the best ways to fail is to assume that your idea is a winner. The rule is to find a hot market of buyers, then find a product to satisfy their needs. Just because you like basket weaving and you are an expert at it, doesn’t mean that there are any buyers for a product in that market.

Ever notice how people wait in line during the holidays to buy a high-demand toy for their kids? How many people do you see waiting in line to buy toothpicks? Again, you must find a hot buyers’ market then find a product to satisfy buyers’ needs. Research Amazon and Google. Type in a topic in the search bar and see what the first 2 or 3 results are. Use a keyword tool like Spyfu to find out the demand and competition is. Don’t research just one topic. Check out several topics and compare them.


Find a coach!!! Believe me, it takes too long to learn every possible aspect of Internet Marketing. A coach can recommend what tools are proven to work and show you the shortcuts. Plus, you have someone that can answer your questions… and you will have hundreds of questions. Many coaches have community groups that you can join to get the help of other experienced students. Their knowledge will accelerate your business. I personally have a few different coaches/groups that I belong to. Here are the coaching programs and training groups that I belong to:


Note: The following are affiliate links. If you purchase any of these, I will get a commission. Follow this method of putting your affiliate links into everything you write.

  1. Partnership to Success. John Thornhill will walk you through the product creation process step-by-step. When your product is ready for launch, John will market it to thousands of his customers and affiliates. This program has created many Superstars along with other people who have learned to run their own Internet Marketing business full time.
  2. Alphapreneur. This is the largest social network in the world for Entrepreneurs. The number of training courses, specialized groups, categories, and motivational videos is overwhelming. Plus Chris Luck, the founder, is a master Membership and business creator.
  3. Membership Academy. If you build a membership site, this coaching program is a must! Mike and Callie are the best. You’ll get all of the information, email templates, themes, and many other resources to run your business. And you have the support of the community too.

I belong to all of the above programs so I can verify first hand the high quality of learning that you will receive. I highly recommend those coaching programs if you want a head start and to be successful in Internet marketing.

You can take a look at my two membership sites. Both are always a work in progress. You can easily have sites just like mine. Get started today.

Take a FREE Internet Marketing course from my membership site: Internet Marketing for Complete Beginners. Click Here

Skillacious – Internet marketing and business training videos.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message and I’ll do my best to help you any way I can.

Gary Frazier

Email: admin (at)

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