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If You Want Keyword Research Software That Gives You an Edge over 90% of Other Kindle Authors, Then You Need KDP Rocket. 



What is KDP Rocket and What Can It Do?

KDP Rocket is a Unique keyword research software program that extracts actual data from which Kindle book buyers are typing into the Amazon search box. The software has four parts: 1)Keyword Research 2) Category Research 3) AMS keyword research and 4) Competition Analyzer


  • Evaluates the Competition
  • Helps you find the right 7 keywords
  • Finds the Perfect Category for Your Book
  • Gives you book ideas from phrase searches
  • Finds the most profitable keywords from actual Amazon searches
  • Finds Hundreds of AMS keywords

Keyword Research

  • Finds keywords book buyers type into Amazon
  • Estimated how many times someone types a keyword into Amazon
  • Shows the amount of money other books are making for that keyword rank
  • Shows the number of  books that are competing for that keyword

Category Research

  • Reveals the best categories to choose from
  • Discovers which categories will help you sell more books
  • Shows the number of daily sales you need to make to rank #1 bestseller
  • Shows the number of  sales you need to get to be listed in the top 20

AMS Keyword Research

  • In under 10 seconds, find over 150 profitable AMS keywords
  • Use the export feature to pull the results and upload to Amazon

Competition Analyzer

  • Check out potential competitors in your niche 
  • Look at their reviews
  • See how much money they are making
  • Analyze their book covers
  • Use the info to create your book titles and descriptions

KDP Rocket works on both PCs and Macs

Free updates

It’s used by many bestselling Kindle authors

Get KDP Rocket Here

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Gary Frazier
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