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I just wanted to post some quick basic Kindle ebook launch information. In the upcoming posts, I’ll have details on each one of the basic book launch steps.

Before the launch, you absolutely have to make sure that your ebook has been professionally edited and you have had a professional cover made. Just running Word grammar check, Grammarly or Prowriting Aid is not enough. Believe me. Those software editors work really well, however, there is no replacement for a human editor. It’s no fun getting feedback saying that you have several mistakes in your finished product.

Your goal is to hit the Amazon algorithm to get into top rankings at the end of your initial book launch.

Here are some basic Amazon Kindle ebook launch steps:

  • Have an email list of at least 5000 subscribers. I’ll show you how to do this in future posts. It’s not that hard and you should be able to get that many in 60 days or less.
  • Get as many reviews as you can. This is something that you must do. Try to get up to 40 reviews. (We’ll show you how in future posts.)
  • Set up KD ROI at least 7 days ahead of your launch.
  • When you upload your book to Amazon, set your beginning price to $2.99 or higher.
  • Run a Free book campaign for 5 days. Your goal is to get at least 2000 downloads. Once you set up the 5-day free campaign, DO NOT try to change the price. It’ll take you weeks to get Amazon to fix your locked up Bookshelf site on
  • Send out your killer launch campaign (email sequence) to your subscribers two days before the end of your free giveaway.
  • After the giveaway is up, switch the price to 99 cents. Your goal here is to get 100 or more sales in 7 days.
  • At the end of 7 days, change the price to $2.99 and start making big money!

Watch for future posts as we will be digging deeper into the launch steps.

Please post any thoughts or comments below.

Gary Frazier
Partnership to Success