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Membership Sites

The Story

This is a story about the power of membership sites. First, let me get your attention.

On May of 2015, Lynda Weinman sold her membership site ( to LinkedIn for $1.5 BILLION in cash and stock! And… In 2016, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26 BILLION.

Do I have your attention yet?


Lynda Weinman and her husband Bruce Heavin started back in 1995 in Ojai, California. As a teacher, she wanted a way for students to pick what courses they wanted rather than take the cookie-cutter training that was out there.

She began teaching computer graphics in 1984. She has taught at the Art Center College of Design, UCLA and she has been involved with the San Francisco State Multimedia Studies Program.

It wasn’t until 2002 that she began offering online courses. By 2004, she had 100 courses online.

Lynda was fascinated with computers. Somewhere around the mid-1990s, she began teaching web design.  She and her husband rented a room in a schoolhouse over spring break one year so she could teach her web design classes. The class sold out. After that, they started In 1995, she paid $35.00 for the domain name:

Lynda also published the book “Designing Web Graphics” which is still available on

In 2018, Lynda Weinman’s net worth was listed as $320 million.

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